How much will Russian ban hit US poultry shippers, ports?

Russia’s one-year ban on food imports from the U.S. and other countries will hit U.S. poultry exports particularly hard, given Russian fondness for American frozen chicken. The U.S. shipped more than $1 billion in food products to Russia last year, of which some $300 million was poultry. In the seven months from December through June, U.S. suppliers shipped 9,067 20-foot-equivalent container units worth of poultry to Russia, according to PIERS, the data division of JOC Group Inc. Mobile, Alabama, was by far the largest export port, accounting for nearly 40 percent of all U.S. poultry exports to Russia, which means the ban will have a big impact on its reefer operations. Poultry represented 24 percent of Maersk Line’s U.S.-to-Russia volumes during the seven-month period.

See link for interactive graphic that takes an in-depth look at the ports, carriers and exporters involved in the poultry trade to Russia, based on PIERS data, allowing for a detailed assessment of which players will be most affected.

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