All Service Ports within CBP can now process entries via ACE Cargo Release



To: Customhouse Brokers, Importers, and Others Concerned

The purpose of this Bulletin Notice is to let the trade know that all Service Ports within CBP can now process entries via ACE Cargo Release. Attached to this Notice is the newly published ACE Cargo Release Business Transition Process-Draft. Copied from this draft is the purpose of the publication immediately below:

“The purpose of this document is to outline Cargo Release processing in the Automated Commercial
Environment (ACE) and provide a comparison to the processing CBP has performed for many years. This is not a technical document designed to allow for software development. That can be found in the ACE CATAIR found online at Where appropriate, changes from current processes and policy are highlighted in this document. To allow for the November 1, 2015 deadline for transition to the ACE Cargo Release system, each chapter of this document is divided into three sections:
• Current process – this section identifies existing processes utilizing ACS and/or paper forms. In cases of entry summary processing, it also defines current ACE Entry Summary processes.
• Transition process – This describes the steps needed to transition to a fully automated environment from a paper dependent one and includes some interim processes for continuation of submission of paper form and legacy processes for both CBP and Partner Government Agencies (PGA).
• To-Be process – this describes the end state processing in a fully automated environment.
Additionally, this document is divided into CBP processes only and PGA processes. The PGA processes
are divided into chapters with general system processing information for PGAs followed by specific
chapters for each PGA with information on their participation and expectations form by form (or process).”

The Service Port of Milwaukee has three ACE Ambassadors to assist you in this transition. They are as follows:

CBPO Toni Mussa for questions relating to Entry/Cargo Release 414-486-7790 ext. 134
Entry Specialist Sarah Falvey for question relating to Entry Summary 414-486-7790 ext. 139
Supervisory Entry Officer Gerard Lefever 414-486-7790 ext. 129.
Gerard Lefever
for William E. Braun
Service Port Director
Port of Milwaukee

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