China Customs GACC Announcement on Procedures

The General Administration of Customs of China (GACC) has issued an announcement that clarifies the procedures it uses to supervise inbound and outbound cargo transportation and manifests. This announcement is designed to standardize across China the work of local customs offices and companies concerning two previous GACC orders (172 and 196) on issues with respect to document requests, data management, deadlines, etc. This announcement took effect on Oct. 15 2014.

Some highlights of the announcement include: (1) Electronic manifest data for inbound and outbound shipments and the goods carried therein must be accurately transmitted to GACC within the prescribed time limit and in accordance with relevant filing specifications; (2) Customs declarers must ensure that each declaration form has one corresponding bill of lading; (3) GACC will conduct field inspections of inbound and outbound vehicles and the goods carried therein and the companies involved must cooperate with those inspections; (4) Data may be transmitted through the China E-Port platform, etc.

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