Premier Li says China, Canada begin exploratory talks on free trade agreement

Li made the remarks when meeting with journalists together with his Canadian counterpart, Justin Trudeau, after the two leaders attended the signing ceremony of a series of bilateral cooperation documents.

“We have reached many new consensuses in economic and trade area,” said Li, adding that China is willing to import frozen beef from Canada, and the two sides have reached an agreement on Canada’s canola exports to China.

Li also said that the two sides discussed cooperation in finance, tourism and law enforcement, as well as between their local governments.

“The exchange of visits within one month showed that China-Canada relations are entering a new stage,” said Li who referred to Trudeau’s recent official visit to China, adding that “it’s rare in the bilateral ties, and conforms to the interests of both countries as well as the expectations of the international community.”

Li arrived in Ottawa on September 14, 2016. His visit to Canada is the first by a Chinese premier in 13 years.

The Chinese premier said the two sides agreed that China and Canada have broad common interests and sound cooperation. The development of the bilateral ties is in the interests of both Chinese and Canadian people as well as the world’s peace and stability.

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