“The most wonderful feeling is when we score a goal through team effort,” says Anson when he describes his passion for soccer and the team he is a part of in Ningbo, China.

“I feel the same way about my work. I can’t solve every problem by myself – I need and depend on teamwork for success.”

Anson grew up in Ningbo where he attended the Ningbo College and received his Bachelor’s degree in International Business. Upon graduation, Anson joined Skye Company as a partner with a role in exporting promotional products. “I have been in the business of exporting for more than ten years and it has helped me to understand the needs of our firm.”

Anson is a Senior Advisor for Addison Clifton and assists in providing analysis for client memoranda regarding cross border compliance issues and monitoring trade and compliance developments in China. “I’m really part of two great teams here in Ningbo. Addison-Clifton has expanded my horizons and taught me a lot about the business culture in the U.S.,” he explains. “There is great opportunity for me to build the relationships between our customers in the U.S. and China. That’s really what global operations is all about – working together to reach the greater goal.”