Addison-Clifton specializes in global trade compliance management services.  We have developed training programs that break down the world of compliance in a simple and effective way.  Our company provides on-site training as well as video training.  We cover a range of compliance topics from import/export classifications, International Traffic in Arms Regulations products, licensing, duty drawback, Incoterms, Free Trade Agreements and much more.  Boost your company’s compliance by educating yourself and your staff on the world of international trade.

Compliance Web Clinics


Addison-Clifton offers on-site training.  Our trainings range from lunch-hour educational sessions to multi-day trainings.  Schedule an onsite training session with Addison-Clifton today.

Mobile Website/App

Addison-Clifton is currently developing a mobile website so that all of our client’s trade compliance needs can be recognized at the touch of a button.