Specialty Engineering

Specialty Manufacturing Trade Compliance Services including, but not limited to: 

Weekly compliance assistance within the engineering department to support import/export compliance of a world leader in mechanical drive gas engines for power generation.  Applications include compression, drill rigs and pressure pumping with outputs of 0.1 kilowatt to 4 megawatts of power generation:

  • Determine proper U.S. import (Harmonized Tariff Schedule (“HTS”)) and U.S. export (Export Control Classification Number (“ECCN”)) classifications for original equipment parts and accessories.  Create and maintain a database of over 1,000 parts that have been classified by Addison-Clifton.
  • Search for applicable rulings to establish rationale for classifications.
  • Request and review Commodity Classification Automated Tracking System data.
  • Contact suppliers for additional information necessary for proper classifications.
  • Provide staff training regarding compliance responsibilities.
  • Establish tables and charts for quick identification of product materials and functions for classifications.

Prototype product review services provided to sporting goods and clothing industry:

  • Identify product compliance certification requirements for sale in foreign markets.
  • Review for Federal Communications Commission licensing requirements.
  • Classify products and accessories to identify duty and other related costs during the import and export process.
  • Perform audits of shipments that identify classification accuracy and unique requirements for specialty materials, fabrics and furs.

Case-by-case compliance services provided by Addison-Clifton that address specific compliance challenges that are unique to its clients:

  • Import and export classifications.  Addison-Clifton has classified over 100,000 end-items and related parts and components.
  • Deemed exports.
  • Licensing.
  • Denied party screening.
  • Anti-dumping violations.
  • Database reviews after release of new HTS or ECCN revisions.
  • Duty drawback.
  • Boycott language.
  • Sanctions.

Product analysis for global compliance provided to industry leaders in the manufacture of tooling, transmissions, firefighting equipment and architectural products in healthcare, hospitality, education and commercial applications:

  • Evaluate the business model, interview staff and identify compliance risks.
  • Create processes and policies, provide training and assist with implementation.
  • Review product classifications for import and export.

Compliance guidance to a world leader in the area of custom biopharmaceutical development and manufacture:

  • Evaluate processing methods and forms of transportation to meet government import and export requirements.
  • Assist with licensing requirements.
  • Minimize costs related to tariffs and fees.