Addison-Clifton offers a wide range of trade compliance services to companies and corporations of all sizes, ranging from start-ups and small businesses to major national and international companies. Our trade compliance services include the following:


Addison-Clifton recognizes that each company has unique business needs and works with each company to identify those needs prior to developing and implementing a trade compliance management system. The goal of Addison-Clifton is to provide companies with a trade compliance management system that works in tangent with the existing business structure, with as little disruption to business flow as possible.


Addison-Clifton understands that business constraints can often lead to lack of resources when it comes to commodity classifications. Our firm provides commodity classifications at a flat-fee rate for: (1) classifications under the Harmonized Tariff Schedule of the United States, China and India; (2) classifications under the Commerce Control List; and (3) classifications under the U.S. Munitions List.


Addison-Clifton aids companies with drafting agreements for the performance of a defense service(s) and/or the disclosure of technical data, known as a Technical Assistance Agreement (“TAA”). Our firm also aids in the submission of TAAs to the Office of Defense Trade Controls Licensing for approval. Our firm’s experience with TAA requirements allows us to effectively identify situations that would require a TAA and gather the information necessary to complete a TAA.


Addison-Clifton assists companies with obtaining export licenses from the U.S. Department of State and the U.S. Department of Commerce. Our firm’s knowledge and experience with the electronic licensing systems of the U.S. Department of State (DTrade) and the U.S. Department of Commerce (SNAP-R) provides our clients with a smoother and more efficient application process.


Addison-Clifton conducts Importer Self-Assessment (“ISA”) audits for companies that participate in the ISA program. The audits focus on ensuring that the company’s import process and procedures are compliant with the U.S. Customs and Border Protection laws and regulations. The audit involves identifying risks and internal control weaknesses, as well as recommending corrective actions.


Addison-Clifton conducts pre-acquisition trade compliance due diligence audits. Oftentimes when an acquisition is taking place, trade compliance is not a top priority on the long list of tasks that must be completed before closing the deal. Addison-Clifton has experience in conducting pre-acquisition trade compliance due diligence audits in a short period of time. These audits require: (1) identifying goods that fall under the jurisdiction of the International Traffic in Arms Regulations (“ITAR”); (2) re-classifying goods, if necessary; (3) sequestering ITAR-controlled goods and technical data; and (4) gathering facts for self-disclosure(s), if necessary.


Addison-Clifton assesses whether a Free Trade Agreement (“FTA”) applies to the goods a company is importing or exporting. Determining whether an FTA applies has an economical impact on companies and can often be the determining factor when assessing whether a product is profitable.


Addison-Clifton assists companies in identifying whether goods the companies are planning to import are subject to ADs or CVDs. Additionally, our firm assists companies with requesting administrative reviews and scope rulings related to AD/CVD. Like FTAs, ADs/CVDs have an economical impact on companies and can impact the profit margins of products if not accurately calculated.


Addison-Clifton believes that getting a company’s employees to understand the importance of trade compliance is critical to the success of the company’s trade compliance management system. With this in mind, Addison-Clifton offers employee training on a full array of trade compliance topics, ranging from Harmonized Tariff Schedule classification to the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act.

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Addison-Clifton’s Asia Market Services focuses on servicing the distinct demands of the Asia global trade market, with a particular focus on China—the world’s second largest economy and one of America’s biggest trading partners. The Asia Market Services team has years of experience in international trade compliance matters and is fluent in both English and Chinese. The Asia team is based in Addison-Clifton’s Shanghai and Ningbo offices—two of China’s busiest ports. This allows the Asia team to handle inquiries directly and within close proximity to partners, thereby addressing client concerns and requests in Asia efficiently. Notably, Addison-Clifton has had an office in China and assisting clients there for nearly a decade. The Asia Market team provides the following expert services:


In connection with B2B services, Addison-Clifton’s Asia Market team provides experienced and competent supply chain support services. Services rendered range from the early stages of the supply chain with identifying world-class suppliers, providing supplier qualification profiles, and in-country supplier verification.

To the middle stages of the supply chain: providing pre-production inspection of raw materials or product components at supplier factory or warehouse facilities, conducting in-factory inspection of finished product samples, and completing factory assessment reports prior to shipment authorization.

And finally, to the end stages of the supply chain: coordinating in-country container stuffing and wood packaging material compliance documentation, managing shipment scheduling and providing logistics support, drafting finished-product shipment 10+2 ISF data documentation and verification, and submitting ISF filing documentation to the freight forwarder or U.S. importer for filing with the U.S. CBP.

If your goal is to grow your company, it is paramount that your company establishes a footprint in China or Asia—the region of the world’s fastest growing economies. In partnering with Addison-Clifton, you are partnering with a team of professionals who have been assisting clients with their business objectives in the Far East region for nearly ten years. You can be confident in the services of Addison-Clifton’s trusted Asia Market team.


The Addison-Clifton professionals in Asia are experienced in obtaining advanced rulings on tariff classification and goods valuation from the China Customs office. These processes ensure efficient importation of products into the Chinese market, and provide an accurate assessment of import duties. Our Asia team also provides competent advice regarding the free trade agreements among Asian countries.

Another important compliance aspect of shipping products to the Far East is proper labeling, marking, and certification. Our team provides product-specific labeling and marking compliance advice and guidance in obtaining required product certifications, e.g., in China, the CCC mark. Furthermore, if issues were to arise or clients have already received enforcement action letters from the China Customs office or other related Chinese government agencies, Addison-Clifton’s Asia team assists in the preparation of enforcement action responses. These responses are nuanced and require specific language to address them.

Addison-Clifton’s Asia Market services further includes identifying appropriate bonded warehouses in requested areas, and assisting clients in negotiations with bonded warehouse proprietors. Addison-Clifton has developed successful working relationships with representatives in many of the bonded warehouses over the years it has been in China.


In addition to providing compliance solutions, Addison-Clifton’s Asia Market experience and capabilities encompass business-to-business liaison services. These include: (1) identifying qualified Asia-based business partners according to clients’ needs and providing partner qualification profiles; (2) identifying potential investment opportunities in target markets; (3) assisting in business trips, meeting planning, meeting accompaniment, and interpretation and translation services; (4) assisting in registering a new company or representative office in China, including initial HR services in hiring qualified local personnel; and (5) representing clients and coordinating trade exhibitions in China.

Because of the culturally unique business practices of Asia in general and China in particular, Western companies are urged to align with advisors with expertise in local markets. Addison-Clifton clients benefit from the diverse team that has extensive local business experiences and wide network of working professional relationships—the importance of which cannot be overstated when doing business in China and can be summed up by the term “guanxi”.

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